Big Game Sweepstakes

Want to get in on the action of Sunday Night Football and win some great prizes?

Then enter your name into our weekly Big Game Football Board contest. A new board is created every week and there's no limit to how many weeks you can enter. The contestant with the winning numbers each week will receive a free 1-Month Membership to Peak Fitness in Hermantown, MN.

How It Works

To enter your name into the pool of contestants, all you have to do is click the submission link and fill out the form.

Then each week approximately two business days before the game, we will select 100 names from the pool and they will be randomly placed on the board. Where contestants are randomly placed on the board will determine which numbers they are assigned for that game.

Then after the second quarter and at the end of each game, we will take the second number (first if score is single digit) of the score from each team and the contestant with the corresponding numbers will win a prize from one of our great sponsors.

Each board will be created and posted by 5:00PM the business day before the game is to be played. The board will be posted on this page for viewing and/or download. 

Winners of each prize will be notified approximately two business days after the day of the game.

And remember, the pool of entries is continuous throughout the season. This means we will be choosing the 100 names for each board from all the names entered for every round up to that game. This means that the more times you enter, the greater chance you have of getting on the board. Each person is allowed one entry per round.

Good luck and thanks for playing!