VP Debate Steps Up Presidential Campaign

By KBJR News 1

VP Debate Steps Up Presidential Campaign

October 12, 2012 Updated Oct 12, 2012 at 12:05 PM CDT

Danville, Kentucky (Northland's NewsCenter) --- It was their only night in the spotlight, the lone Vice Presidential debate of the campaign, and Thursday night, the candidates didn't hold back any punches as they pushed to step-up the tone and intensity of the race.

The verbal shots came early and often from both candidates. Most of the 90 minutes was spent talking about the other candidate or talking over one another.

One of the strongest exchanges centered on Iran.

Biden: "We will not allow the Iranians to get a nuclear weapon."
Ryan: "They're moving faster toward a nuclear weapon; it's because this administration has no credibility on this issue"
Biden: "You're gonna go to war. That's what you wanna do now?"
Ryan: "We want to prevent war."

But nothing can prevent the growing spin, which started with President Obama, after watching his running mate.

President Obama said that he was proud of how Joe Biden did during the VP debate and thought he gave a strong performance.

Obviously the view is different from the other side of the isle.

"I though clearly that congressman Ryan last night bested Vice President Biden," says Ed Gillespie, Mitt Romney's adviser. "He added to the momentum coming out of the first debate."

However, one thing that most can agree on is that this one time debate has set the stage for what could be a fiery, second Presidential debate early next week.

Looking to gain momentum after Thursday night's debate, both campaigns are back on the stump today in key battle ground states.

The second Presidential debate is scheduled for next Tuesday. This debate will be a town hall format and is being hosted by Hoffstra University.

Posted to the web by Krista Burns