• Lt. Governor Defends Job Numbers

    Friday, May 18 at 3:43 PM

    Duluth, MN (Northlands NewsCenter) -- Wisconsin's Lieutenant Governor has responded to the controversy and confusion over the badger state's job creation.

  • Just How Accurate Are the Latest WI Job Numbers?

    Superior, WI (Northland's NewsCenter) - In the heat of the Wisconsin recall election, both sides have provided drastically different numbers when it comes to the state's job growth, confusing many people in the process. Now, with new figures surfacing, Wisconsinites are hoping to set the facts straight, and separate the truth from what is... and isn't... being said.

  • Wisconsin Election Integrity Under Scrutiny

    Superior, WI (Northland's NewsCenter) -- Tuesday's Primary Election had many Wisconsin residents wondering how important their vote is. It's said that "every vote counts" and that's been very evident in a series of recent close elections.

  • Before Recall Primary, Superior Residents Hot on the Issues

    Superior, WI (Northlands NewsCenter) -- It's a subject about which everyone in Wisconsin seems to have an opinion. After tomorrows primary we will know who is running against Governor Scott Walker in the recall election. It subject that has people at coffee shops and water coolers debating and arguing the politics of the Gubernatorial recall.

  • Wisconsin Gearing Up for Today's Recall Election

    Superior, WI (Northland's NewsCenter) --- The May 8th Primary election in the recall of Governor Scott Walker is here, with six people looking to unseat the governor.

  • Tom Barrett to Face Gov. Scott Walker in June Recall Election

    Madison, WI (Northland's NewsCenter) - With 58% of the vote, Tom Barrett is declared the project winner of the Democratic Wisconsin recall Primary.