Carlton, MN ( --- Attorneys for the woman involved in a crash that killed two men in October have requested for a review of the evidence that will be used during a possible trial against her. 26-year-old Vanessa Rae Brigan's attorneys have asked for a contested testimonial omnibus hearing. If the judge accepts the request for the contested omnibus hearing, attorneys will call witnesses in front of the judge in order to determine whether or not Brigan's case will go to trial. The judge will look to see if there is probable cause to go ahead with the trial against Brigan. Depending on what the judge decides, some evidence and even the whole trial could be thrown out during the contested omnibus hearing. Brigan is facing two counts of vehicular homicide after she was involved in a crash that killed Carlton County workers Zach Gamache and Mitchell Lindgren back in October. Police say they found syringes containing a small amount of methadone along with used needles in Brigan's car and a nearly empty bottle of methadone. Authorities say there were also needles and methadone bottles in the ditch and fresh needle marks were allegedly found on her arms. Posted to the web by Krista Burns