October 21, 2016

Two Cubs for Jewel the Black Bear

By KBJR News 1

January 22, 2012 Updated Jan 22, 2012 at 11:39 PM CDT

Ely, MN (Northland's NewsCenter) - Younger sister to famous black bear Lily, Jewel gave birth to two cubs early this morning.

The first was born at 7:22, followed by a second at 8:40.

Researchers say for two weeks Jewel will keep them close, so no major movement is expected for a while.

After a week of anticipation, Jewel, sister of the world famous black bear Lily gave birth to two bear cubs all of it broadcast live on the internet.

"We were hoping that she gives birth, I mean she looked like all the physical signs were there, but we were starting to worry. And it caught us unaware then it had been with Lily"

Dr. Lynn Rogers came up with the idea to study bear hibernation using cameras and broadcasting the whole experience live on the internet.

The idea blew up nationally with Lily.

Researchers say Lily and Jewels births were completely different but equally exiting.

"I expected it to be more like Lily's was it was very different"

"With Lily it was 22 hours of violent labor she was ramming her body into the sides of the den. I think with just one cub it was a bigger cub and harder delivery but when you saw two cubs, it happened easier"

Rodgers loves the attention the internet births have brought his project, but for him and his research team, the most important aspect of these births are the education it provides to children.

"They are just thrilled for the opportunity to learn and what we are hearing is from teachers that they have it on in their classrooms, over 500 classrooms across the county and the kids are just exited when there is any action"

"I think it's a way of engaging kids and getting them interested in what's going on around them"

And if you're interested in finding out if Jewel has a pair of baby boys or girls or one of each, your going to have to wait.

It'll be a few weeks between we all know that.

Other researchers around the globe are just as interested in the live internet births as the fans are...

According to Rodgers, at the time of the cubs births, more than 100 other researchers world wide...were recording via the internet, minute by minute.

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