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What is Eyes Forward?

Eyes Forward is a safe-driving campaign aimed at eliminating texting while driving on Northland roadways.

The campaign uses a combination of both on-air and online promotion to spread its message to the maximum audience possible. Eyes Forward also uses joint efforts with area schools and businesses to have on-site pledge drives and reach drivers directly. Last year over 5,000 drivers pledged to the Eyes Forward campaign.

Of all the causes our stations and our sponsors support, few are more powerful or more important than Eyes Forward. Texting while driving is a growing epidemic that takes thousands of lives and injures millions of people every year. This is our opportunity as a community to take a stand against this growing problem.

We hope that you will join us in raising awareness and making the roads in all of our communities safer for all of us. Take the pledge to keep your Eyes Forward.




Make Your Pledge

Students organizations at schools throughout the Northland will be holding pledge drives to help promote. Pledges must be made online by clicking the below button:





News & Information

Check below for news and information about both the dangers of texting and driving as well as ways in which you can help prevent it.