10 Tips to Help You Keep Your Eyes Forward

By Kathryn Gritzmacher

September 23, 2011 Updated Sep 23, 2011 at 11:30 AM CDT

1. Place the phone beyond your reach and turn it off before starting your car.
2. Make last minute calls before you start your car.
3. Download a free app for your smart phone designed to help you drive without distractions. Find an app here!
4. Ask a passenger to hold and answer your phone.
5. Pledge to keep your eyes forward, then turn in the pledge form at a participating Papa Murphy’s to receive an : fwd wristband as a handy reminder.
6. Post a pledge reminder in your car.
7. Ask your passengers to be vigilant in keeping your eyes forward.
8. Create a voice message that tells callers you won’t answer calls or texts while driving.
9. Ask family and friends not to call during expected drive times.
10. If you must take/make a call, find a safe place to pull over for the conversation.