High School Swimmer Helps Saves Teammate's Life During Practice

February 19, 2013 Updated Feb 19, 2013 at 11:50 AM CDT

A remarkable story from Illinois, courtesy of Granite Broadcasting sister station CINewsNow.com in Peoria, Ill.

According to the report from CINewsNow.com:

A Peoria, Ill., swimmer is back in the water after a near death experience and he said it is all thanks to his teammates.

Charlie Cain, 17, never thought he would need the life saving training he received from the American Red Cross. He took the lifeguarding class in preparation for his pre-med dreams.

However, Thursday afternoon at his swim practice, Cain's skills were put to the test.

The Peoria Notre Dame Varsity swim team had been working on how long they could hold their breath and how many yards they could swim while doing it.

Alex Bousky, 16, was working to break some records when he pushed himself a little too far. Bousky passed out after his 75th yard and suffered a seizure in the bottom of the pool.

When swimmer Grant Streid noticed Bousky was nowhere to be seen, Cain sprang into action jumping in the water and carrying his teammate to safety.

"I went over to make sure he was okay, I didn't expect to find him," said Cain. "He was on the bottom of the pool. I brought him up and over the wall and our coach got down to pull him out. All the guys were doing stuff for him, we opened the doors up and we got him on his side. One of the guys found someone to call the ambulance."

Cain said anyone would have done the same thing, but only he knew what to do because of the special training he received from Steve Frye. Frye is the coach of the Dunlap swim team.

He teaches a life guarding class through the Red Cross. He said they act out scenarios in the class, but being able to deal with the real thing takes a lot of responsibility.

"You can never act out how the situation is actually going to be so to know that he came out of it and acted the way he was supposed to and followed all of his protocols that's really good to know," said Frye.

"He knew exactly what to do once I got on the deck," said Bousky. "He had me laid down in a certain way with my arm underneath me so I wouldn't stretch myself or strain my lungs or anything and just held me until the paramedics came."

The Red Cross is offering a life guarding class in March as well as classes throughout summer.

Bousky said he will definitely be attending one of the classes.

"I want to be aware how to help someone if they need it because without Charlie I probably wouldn't even be talking to you guys. I owe him my life," he said.

Although Bousky had to miss Regional’s last weekend, he is heading to State this weekend to support his team.