Joshua Littlewolf Murder Trial Day 4: Missing witness in Littlewolf murder trial found

By KBJR News 1

September 13, 2013 Updated Sep 13, 2013 at 6:52 PM CDT

Duluth, MN (NNCNOW.com) --- There have been some major developments in the Joshua Littlewolf murder trial.

A missing witness, who authorities believe may have been present during the murder of Joshua Olson, has been located.

Before the jury was allowed in Friday morning, it was announced that Sally Woundedeye had contacted the St Louis County Attorney's Office last night.

Woundedeye has been subpoenaed by both parties because police believe she may have witnessed the murder, but up until Thursday night she hadn't been found.

Littlewolf told Judge Shawn Floerke he wants Woundedeye subpoenaed to testify because he believes she can answer key questions regarding the night Joshua Olson was stabbed to death.

Judge Floerke issued a request for a subpoena to be overnighted to Woundedeye in Montana and will be giving her a deadline to be in Duluth by noon on Wednesday.

If Woundedeye does not respond willingly, a warrant will be issued for her arrest.

Investigator David Decker with the Duluth Police Violent Crimes Unit testified today about a three and a half hour interview he conducted with Joshua Littlewolf while he was in custody in St Cloud.

Decker asked Olson "what if I told you someone said you were there at the time of the crime?" Decker said Littlewolf responded "So you're saying someone said I cut his throat or neck?"

Decker testified that Littlewolf was the first to mention Olson's throat being cut before investigators had released that information.

Decker also testified that Littlewolf changed his story multiple times during the interview but said his final version of events is as follows:

Littlewolf says Olson stomped on his ankle, upsetting him and a fight ensued. Littlewolf grabbed a knife out of Olson's hand and swung it, lodging it in Olson's throat. He then pushed him into the wall and watched him fall down.

Littlewolf left the apartment at that time and walked to the casino before going to the M and H gas station, where he changed his clothes and cleaned up. After that he hitchhiked to St Cloud.

During the interview authorities asked Littlewolf what happened to the knife. Littlewolf said it was still in Olson's throat when he left and that Olson was propped up against the wall on the east side of the apartment, where investigators found his body in the morning.

The trial will continue on Monday.

A second opinion of the autopsy was done by the University of North Dakota and we will hear from that examiner.

The state has made a special exception to allow this witness to testify early on behalf of Littlewolf, due to a scheduling issue.

Written and posted to the web by Raeanna Marnati