8th District Candidates Square off in Tuesday's Debate

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8th District Candidates Square off in Tuesday's Debate

October 9, 2012 Updated Oct 9, 2012 at 5:23 PM CDT

Duluth, MN (Northland's NewsCenter) -- It's one of the most hotly contested contests in this year's election in Minnesota's 8th district congressional race, and the two Candidates face of in a debate Tuesday morning.

First term Republican Congressman Chip Cravaack is facing a strong challenge from former three-term DFL Minnesota Congressman Rick Nolan.

A Tuesday morning debate between both candidates is sponsored by the Duluth Chamber of Commerce Debate and supported by the Duluth News Tribune; DNT Editor, Chuck Frederick is the debate moderator.

It has been a tight race; at the end of August, two polls showed Nolan with a three point lead, even though Congressman Cravaack had better name recognition.

Congressman Cravaack says Congressman Nolan will have a hard time running from his history of advocationg for bigger government, taxpayer-funded pay raises, and Twin Cities-based environmental groups at the expense of Minnesota economic growth.

Congressman Nolan said that Congressman Cravaack supports Medicare, but has signed Vice Presidential Candidate, Paul Ryan's budget twice. Nolan adds that Congressman Cravaack has stodd by his party as they have blocked everyone of President Obama's initiatives, just so they can defeat him in November.

Tune into the debate live on the My 9 Network.

The debate started at 8:00 a.m. at Duluth's Depot Theatre

Debate Play-by-play:

As of 8:30 a.m. Congressmen Cravaack and Nolan touch on mining issues.

Congressman Nolan specified how he has been endorsed by miners and steelworkers and added that he has a lot more support on the Range.

Representatives from the United Steel Wokers union district 11 said they endorsed Nolan because they felt he will support their industry is elected to congress.

Congressman Cravaack rebuttled stating that he has a record of commitment on mining including, how he proposed legislation to protect MN taconite industry from job-killing EPA overreach.

Congressman Cravaack has said that the leadership of the Unions has, in recent yeras, aligned itself with organizations and candidates that he says are not pro-mining. But he says he feels he has the support of rank and file union workers.

Closing remarks wrapped up around 8:58 a.m.

Congressman Nolan has ended the debate by saying he will stand up and protect a plan that will not cut benefits; which he believe Medicare would do.

Congressman Nolan says the he has different priorities such as more tax breaks for the rich, more money for military and stated that Congressman Cravaack has cut funding for education.

Congressman Cravaack wrapped up saying that he has created bi-partisan growth while in office and that Americans still have their best days ahead.

Congressman Cravaack says that he has passed a transportation bill after nine extensions and if the route a voter takes is with Nolan it will mean more debt.

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