Countdown Begins; Presidential Candidates Make Their Final Push for Votes

By KBJR News 1

Countdown Begins; Presidential Candidates Make Their Final Push for Votes

November 5, 2012 Updated Nov 5, 2012 at 2:45 PM CDT

Cincinnati, Ohio (Northland's NewsCenter) --- With just one day left, presidential candidates Mitt Romney and President Obama are making a final push in six swing states within the next 24 hours.

The polls are locked up tight with each battle ground state in a near dead lock.

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is pulling out all the stops, taking aim at President Obama during his campaign in Florida saying that the President has fallen short of what he promised and that he cares more about a liberal agenda than about repairing the economy.

The latest NBC-Wall Street Journal national poll gives Governor Romney an edge on the economy and with independents.

However, undecided voters are twice as likely to favor the President once the polls open.

President Obama started the day in Wisconsin with Bruce Springsteen, telling voters in Madison that if they vote for him, they know what they're getting.

President Obama currently has a one point lead in the polls just one day before the election, but it's not just the swing states that polls are neck and neck.

"We're seeing, by the way, now recent polls in Minnesota and Michigan that also show a very close tight margins," says Republican Pollster Bill McInturff.

This has also been a very expensive Presidential campaign with ad spending in Ohio at $189 million, $185 million in Florida and $146 million in Virginia.

President Obama will spend his final hours campaigning in Wisconsin, Ohio and Iowa. President Obama's running mate Joe Biden is in Virginia campaigning.

Governor Romney will make his final stops in Virginia, Ohio and New Hampshire. There is also the possibility that Mitt Romney will make one last stop in Ohio on election day.

Governor Romney's Vice Presidential running mate Paul Ryan will be campaigning in Colorado.

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