Get it Fixed: Plenty of Potholes

By KBJR News 1

June 1, 2012 Updated Jun 1, 2012 at 7:09 PM CDT

Superior, WI (Northland's NewsCenter) - A Superior woman says her drive on one stretch of city road could only be described as nerve wracking. Unavoidable potholes greet her on her way to and from work.

She reached out to the Northland's NewsCenter to help Get it Fixed.

Brandy Beeman says her drive to work is almost like a game.

"Every day we drive down to work here and play dodge the pothole day, every day," Beeman told the Northland's NewsCenter's Kevin Jacobsen.

Beeman and her co-workers at Enbridge Energy say they have no other choice than to take North 25th Street.

"You gotta dodge in between and drive on the wrong side of the road if you have to or go around."

Beeman says the mini-craters, which are nearly visible in a satellite pictures miles above earth, are costly.

"I've had popped tires because of the potholes, alignment issues, because of the potholes."

Beeman says she's reached out to the city to no avail.

And if you drive around the Twin Ports- you know it's not an isolated incident.

Since we launched "Get it Fixed" we have received dozens of reports from you about potholes across the area; some big, some small.

One viewer submitted two trouble spots in Duluth plagued with potholes.
One spot is Highway 53 and Trinity Road. More were spotted in an Alley between 4th and 5th streets.

Meanwhile, Bev Strongitharm says she has a tough time getting around town. Her custom-built van makes it easier.

"The roads have been bad on my van lately. I'm nervous I have van that's lower than normal because it has a lift in it.

But what's in her path on her commute doesn't.

"I hit it, and I hit it so hard my van just jerked."

Strongitharm was one of the first viewers to reach out to the Northland's NewsCenter about a problem spot. She told us there was an unavoidable pothole at the intersection of North 5th Avenue East and East third street, right in front of Essentia Health St. Mary's.

"I am always afraid something is going to happen," she said. "I did it a couple of times, but you don't know it's there until you've hit it.

The city seemed to have smoothed over the problem before we got wind of it. But, Strongitharm says there are plenty of more spots across town that worry her.

The issues reported have been forwarded to the city.

We'll keep you posted on what happens.

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