Golden Apple Winner Anne Wiszowaty

By KBJR Manager

January 31, 2011 Updated Jan 31, 2011 at 12:10 PM CDT

The Northland's News Center gives a Golden Apple Award every month to a teacher that goes above and beyond. This month's winning teacher works at a rural school and as Dave Anderson reports, that's a good way to learn about nature.

North Shore Community School is in the woods between Duluth and Two Harbors.

Second grade teacher Anne Wiszowaty likes to take her students into the forest frequently but this cold snap has slowed that a little.
There are still things that can be learned in the classroom, though.

"I mostly like reading because I can learn bigger words."

"Mrs. Wiszowaty teaches her kids the standard stuff like math but nature and science are her specialty."

"The school has learned that using nature as a teaching tool really encapsulates every student. The kids stuck in four walls in a city don't learn as much as they do here."

When the cold doesn't keep the kids indoors, they often peruse the school grounds to learn things like how small mammals stay warm in the winter.

"There's this mouse running under the snow and somebody kicked the snow and this mouse popped out."

Mrs. Wiszowaty's love of the environment blossomed from working in Ely's Wolf Center before becoming a teacher.
Outdoor education isn't the only thing in her curriculum, though.

"I also work a lot with teaching about a caring community and being empathetic towards kids and learning how to respect others feelings in the classroom."

At North Shore Community School, Dave Anderson, the Northland's News Center.

Golden Apple teachers receive a gift package from Slyvan Learning Center and a hundred and fifty dollars from Duluth Teachers Credit Union.