Ohio Implements Stricter Rules on Frack Mining After December Earthquakes

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Ohio Implements Stricter Rules on Frack Mining After December Earthquakes

March 12, 2012 Updated Mar 12, 2012 at 11:27 AM CDT

Columbus, Ohio (Northland's NewsCenter) --- After the Ohio Department of Natural Resources discovered a link between a series of 4.0 magnitude earthquakes across the northeastern part of the state and mine fracking, Ohio's oil and gas regulators are now implementing new standards that will make the transportation and disposal of fracking waste products more environmentally safe.

The new safe guards include, prohibiting any new wells from being drilled into the Precambrian basement rock formation that is found in the northeastern part of Ohio, operators must submit geological surveys before they can begin drilling, and drilling machinery must have automatic shut off switches among many other new regulations that officials hope will prevent another round of earthquakes in the state.

These new regulations for frack mining make Ohio's rules among the nation's toughest.

Geologists say induced earthquakes are very rare, but more frack mining projects without these new regulations could cause more earthquakes.

The frack mining process has been used in the Northland for almost two decades to access water underneath the solid granite below ground level.

Fracking is also being used extensively in North Dakota to extract oil.

To read more about Ohio's new regulations on frack mining waste products, visit Ohio's New Rules for Brine Oil

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