Private autopsy results revealed in Michael Brown shooting death

By KBJR News 1

Private autopsy results revealed in Michael Brown shooting death

August 18, 2014 Updated Aug 18, 2014 at 11:31 AM CDT

Ferguson, MO (NNCNOW.com)--- A police officer shot an unarmed Missouri teenager at least six times, including twice in the head.

That's according to a "preliminary" report from a private autopsy ordered by the family of Michael Brown.

One of the men who conducted the autopsy walked reporters through the number of gunshots, and where they hit Brown.

He was shot and killed in Ferguson earlier this month, a death that sparked protests, and riots.

"He was shot at least six times. We've got one to the very top of the head - the apex. We've got one that entered just above right eyebrow. We've got one that entered at the top part of right arm. We've got a graze wound, a superficial graze wound to the middle part of the right arm. We've got a wound that entered the medial aspect of the right arm. And we've got a deep graze wound that produced a laceration to the palm of the right hand," said Shawn Parcells, who assisted with Brown's autopsy.

When talking about the shot to Brown's arm, Parcell said ,"So it also could have occurred when he was putting his hands up. I put my hands up and you see where that wound was at. It could have happened if he put his arms across in a defensive manner. We don't know.We still have to look at other aspects of this investigation before we can start piecing things together."

"In this instance there's no residues on the skin surface. So that the muzzle of the gun was at least one to two feet away the muzzle at the time of discharge. It could have been 30 feet away and it would be the same thing. But in order to be firm about that we also have to look at the clothing, which we haven't had the opportunity to look at. Because sometimes the clothing can filter out gunshot residues," said Michael Baden, a Forensic Pathologist.

Early this morning Missouri Governor Jay Nixon ordered National Guard troops to move in, after what was another difficult and dangerous night in Ferguson as the town searches for answers.

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