Search Continues At Pequaywan Lakes For Missing Race Horse

By KBJR News 1

November 4, 2010 Updated Nov 4, 2010 at 11:07 AM CDT

Posted by Melissa Burlaga

Duluth, MN (Northland's NewsCenter) There's an ex-race horse on the loose north of Duluth and his owner would like your help in getting him back.

Several Northlanders are already working towards that goal and Dave Anderson tells us why people are willing to aid a stranger.

Amigo the horse is a horse with a mission.

He's about to hit the trail in search of a lost brother.

He'll be looking for Wiley, a retired Canterbury Downs race horse, who belongs to Patrice Underwood of Shakopee.

She was riding him in the Pequaywan Lakes area last week.

"He was eating hay and I went inside to have lunch and came back out and he was gone."

Even a race horse is still a horse of course so it's hoped the sound and smell of Amigo will lure the wayward racer home.

"They have such a good sense of smell and hearing that hopefully they'll talk in the woods."

The people in this search party come from as far away as Esko.

Patrice put word out about Wiley through the Northland's riding circles and started word of mouth from the Pequaywan Inn to Hugo's in Brimson.

The Northlanders were glad to help the Twin Cities person in need.

"By the next morning I'd stop somebody on the road and they'd say, hey, you're the person looking for the horse."

Anybody spotting Wiley is urged to simply throw a rope around his neck and guide him home.

He's not hooved and dangerous.

"He's very friendly and if you tell him you have a treat and reach in your pocket he'll come over and mug you for it."

Before Wednesday morning, few of these searchers had ever met each other.

It's a sign of the bond horse people have for their animals and each other.

"I don't think I've met any horse people I haven't liked especially if you're horse campers which is what happened to Patrice. I know I'd appreciate the support."

As of Wednesday afternoon, the only critter kicked up by Amigo was a wondering white dog.

A day after several tight elections may have divided some Minnesotans, Wiley is serving to bring many people together.

"This morning on my way up here I was praying and asked God to bless every single one of them abundantly because they've been so generous with their time."

Anybody near Pequaywan Lakes spotting a stray horse is asked to contact the Saint Louis County Sheriff's Department.

They'll contact Patrice and tell her Wiley has been found.