Teen Revives Her Life Using Confidence and Independence

By KBJR News 1

November 18, 2011 Updated Nov 18, 2011 at 8:45 AM CDT

You might not see them, but they're there. Hundreds of homeless kids, hiding behind borrowed doors across the Twin Ports
For one of these teens, the Life House youth center in Duluth was the key to escaping an abusive relationship and finding success and revival.

Sorting through bins of donations at the Goodwill, Sarah says she is exactly where she wants to be.

"I'm living the life I've wanted to live which is very simple, small and enjoyable."

Enjoyable compared to where she was about a year ago.

"I had nowhere else to go, I didn't know what to do. I've never been on my own before," says Sarah.

At nineteen, Sarah was homeless. But being homeless was better than the alternative.

"I was afraid."

Sarah's live-in boyfriend was emotionally abusive, and she feared the worst.

"I thought it was love, but that's not love. That's nothing close to love."

She knew she had to get out, but due to a rocky relationship with her mother, she couldn't go home.

She was suddenly on the streets, out from under the control of her boyfriend, but lacking self confidence.

"Here I am, 19, 20 years old, and I had no idea how to live my own life. So I had to find something to help me. To push me in the right direction, and that was Life House."

Sarah's Case manager, Holly, says everyone at Life House is proud of her growth.

"In the ten month's that I've known her, she has blossomed into very strong and independent young woman that we're incredibly proud of," says Holly.

With the help of people like her case manager, Sarah landed a great job.

"She actually started off as a temporary employee here, and within three weeks, they wanted her on permanently."

And it's no surprise, because everyone that meets Sarah admires her determination and kind heart.

"The little things in life get me," gushes Sarah.

Yet humble, she has taken her new found confidence and plans to build a very successful life.

With her full-time job and her own apartment, Sarah is living completely on her own. But she still visits the Life House regularly, because as she says, they are her guardian angels.

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