Traffic Advisories for William Irvin 5K and Grandma's Marathon Weekend

By KBJR News 1

Traffic Advisories for William Irvin 5K and Grandma's Marathon Weekend

June 18, 2013 Updated Jun 18, 2013 at 10:37 AM CDT

Duluth, MN (NNCNOW.com) --- The City of Duluth is advising motorists of delays and traffic advisories during this upcoming Grandma's Marathon weekend.

Authorities have issued the following advisories:
William A. Irvin 5K
-The race will begin at 6:00 P.M. Traffic on Harbor Drive behind the DECC will be closed at
3:00 pm, and at 5:30 pm traffic will be diverted off Railroad Street for the duration of the race.
-Motorists should obey temporary “No Parking” areas on Railroad Street and Harbor
Drive. Violators will be tagged and towed.
-Traffic delays will occur for approximately one hour as Railroad Street is closed from Garfield
Avenue to the DECC Entrance. No Southbound traffic on 5th Avenue West will be allowed
past the I-35 ramps, and the 5th Ave W Connector to Railroad St will be closed. Harbor Drive
behind the DECC will also be closed to traffic.
-Access to the DECC will be through the North Gate (on Railroad Street), from Lake Avenue,
and the only exits will be through the Ramp onto Railroad St and onto northbound 5th Ave W.
-Traffic should return to normal by 7:30 pm.
-Please watch for no parking signs, barricades, and Officers directing traffic when driving in the
area of this event.

Marathon, Half Marathon, & National Championships
-At 12 noon on Friday, June 21, Canal Park Drive from Railroad Street to Buchanan Street will
be closed for Grandma's finish line set up. This roadway will remain closed to automobile
traffic until after the Grandma's Marathon Finish on Saturday June 22.
On Saturday June 22 =
-Scenic Highway 61, along the lake, will be closed to traffic at 4:15A.M., between Duluth and
Two Harbors
-Lakewood, Homestead, Ryan, and McQuade Roads will be closed from the Highway 61
Expressway to Scenic Highway 61 at 4:15 A.M.
-London Road will be closed at 5:45 A.M.
-Superior Street from 12th Avenue East to 5th Avenue West will be closed at 6:00 a.m.
-Harbor Drive, Commerce Street, Lake Place Drive and Canal Park closed at 6:00 a.m.
PARKING IS NOT ALLOWED ON THE RACE COURSE. Please observe the posted "No
Parking" Signs. Violators will be towed.
CANAL PARK AREA parking is encouraged at the BAYFRONT PARK LOTS or the DECC,
which are accessible from Railroad Street, or the AQUARIUM LOT which is accessible by 5th
Ave W.
Railroad Street may be accessed by either by 5th Avenue West or Garfield Avenue.
Traffic to and from Park Point will encounter long delays Friday evening and Saturday. On
Saturday, during the Marathon, the only way motorists will be able to reach Park Point and the
Canal Park area will be from 5th Avenue West to Railroad Street or Garfield Avenue to
Railroad Street. An officer there will then direct them along the detour route to reach the Park
Point and the Canal Park area without crossing the Race Course.
-Northbound traffic on I-35 will be diverted up Mesaba Avenue to 2nd Street.
-EAST DETOUR-East bound traffic will use 2nd street to 21st Avenue East, then south to
Superior Street, and continuing East. This detour will take effect 05:45 a.m.
-WEST DETOUR-West bound traffic on Superior Street will turn North onto 21st Avenue
East, then continue West on 3rd Street. This detour will take effect at 05:45 a.m.
-The northbound lane of I-35 will be closed at 05:45 a.m. from Mesaba Avenue to 26th Avenue
East. -The southbound lane of I-35 from 21st and 26th Avenues East will be closed at 4:15 a.m.
-The freeway, and other roadways closed for the Marathon will reopen at approximately 2:00
p.m. on Saturday afternoon.
Motorists should slow down and be alert to special signing and lane closures on Highway 61 Expressway just south of Two Harbors.

Posted to the web by Raeanna Marnati