UMD Prepares for Flu Spread Among Student Body

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January 21, 2013 Updated Jan 22, 2013 at 11:48 AM CDT

Duluth, MN (NNCNOW.com) - "The break was good, but I'm kind of ready to be back," said returning UMD Student Joel Farkas as he waited for an empty dolly to haul his things.

Farkas says he's happy to be back on campus, but admits he's concerned about this year's flu—and for good reason. Farkas's entire family has already had it.

"I still haven't gotten the flu shot, but I still haven't gotten the flu either," added Farkas.

Farkas said he's aware of the preventative services that many locations, including UMD's Health Services, have been offering, but by the time he had an appointment set up,"that's when I left for break."

It's a common problem for time–crunched students that UMD Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Andrea Schokker says they've prepared for.

"We sent out an e–mail last week to just give the students some pointers on how to stay away from the flu—try to wash hands, eat healthy, try to get good sleep," said Schokker.

But the number one request, says Schokker, was for students who haven't already gotten the shot to do just that.

"So, we hope a lot of students followed our suggestion. If not, we have a clinic coming up on January 30th. The students can get free shots as long as they have their UMD ID," said Schokker.

And for those that already have the flu and are on campus...

"Stay rested, stay in your dorm room or your apartment, [and] don't come back until you've had 24 hours without a fever without any aspirin," said Schokker.

Schokker says no student will need a doctor's note to miss class.
But while you're incapacitated, Schokker says try to contact your instructors via e–mail and ask how to make up any missed work.

Schokker also says to report your illness to UMD Health Services, just to be safe.

For more tips on how you can best prepare yourself for the flu as a student, head over TO THIS LINK

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