Your Green Life: "Little Neetchers"

By KBJR News 1

June 12, 2013 Updated Jun 12, 2013 at 8:41 PM CDT

Duluth, MN
Babies, they are cute, but as every parent knows your going to have to change dirty diapers. The first, and most common, reason some parents decide to go with cloth diapers is the money.

"Yeah, you save about 2–thousand dollars per kid." Said Joy Herbert, Co-Owner of Little Neetchers in west Duluth.

That's money back in your pocket. But you are also doing a sustainable service. Diapers make up a massive amount of waste in landfills.

Joy says, "One kid produces about 1.5 tons of disposable diaper waste, so I think I figured it out to about 180 full bags of disposable diapers that gets thrown in the garbage."

That's a lot of doody to deal with. But Joy and Joshua decided to go the green rout and start a business called Little Neetchers in Duluth selling and educating about cloth diapers.

"You have a variety of sizes, colors..." I ask her.

"Actually they are all one size and that's where you save the most money, so 8–35lbs. But you just buy 24 of these and that's your 2 and a half years worth of diapers " Joy says.

And the biggest question I ask, "And, leak proof....?"

"Actually these do a lot better than disposables." Joy says as she laughs.

Cloth diapers are much different these days compared to when you were a child.

Joshua Herbert, Co-Owner of the store tells me, "Oh it's a huge difference, there use to be safety pins, there use to be these plastic pans that you would have to pull down over their legs if they have done their business, which if you can kind of imagine that's not too pleasant. Now its Velcro its snaps there's really cute prints, they don't leak, there's no complicated folding."

The store also sells many organic and locally made baby products, and has gone paperless.

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