"Amazing Grace"

By KBJR Manager

November 2, 2010 Updated Nov 4, 2010 at 7:57 AM CDT

Grabbing that coffee to go at your favorite local eatery may be convenient, but those Styrofoam cups eventually end up in a landfill.

In this weeks "Your Green Life" Meteorologist Jeff Edmondson explores a restaurant offering a greener option.

While eating out the ingredients in your order in may not come from a local source, and the ways to carry out your food may not be the green either. At Amazing Grace in Duluth, going green is their philosophy.

"We started about three or four years ago, but we started looking in to this about nine years ago. And it seemed like very few people were doing this."

Since they started, Amazing Grace has added more biodegradable options for taking out food.

"All of our take out boxes and containers are combustible. They will be back in the Earth in 60 days."

In the dining room they also take a unique route to remain green. The plates that the food is served on, comes from a variety of sources.

"We get a lot of our plates and cups from Goodwill, or from customers that are cleaning our our closets. So that we are recycling, we don't have to buy everything new."

Also, If you are taking that coffee to go, the cup is biodegradable, and the lid. It can be recycled.

Finally, you will notice that the majority of the food here is from a local source.

"The milk, the tomatoes; you can taste the difference in locally grown items and organic items."

Even the Honey, Syrup, and eggs come from around the region. In Duluth I'm Meteorologist Jeff Edmondson. The Northlands NewsCenter.

The newsletters and menus at Amazing Grace are also printed on recycled paper from a local printer.