Bike Safety: The Importance Of Wearing A Helmet

By KBJR News 1

August 4, 2010 Updated Aug 4, 2010 at 2:52 PM CDT

Posted by Melissa Burlaga

We know summertime means having fun riding bikes outside, but according to the CDC, a large majority of kids rarely or never wear a bike helmet.

Known to reduce the risk of head injury by 88% percent.

Eleven year old Dane does, and it probably saved his life.

Barbara Reyelts has the story for Connect with kids.

"They put me on the stretcher over there, they put a neck brace, then they leveled my arm... it was just like — what's gonna happen?"
It was a bike accident that landed eleven–year–old Dane in the emergency room.

"I lost control—came down here."

"And when he hit the retaining wall he stopped, vaulted the bike,"

"Yeah, I hit this and flipped."

"And he hit the ground first evidently three–point landing, his face and two hands."

That three–point landing broke Dane's arm and knocked out one of his teeth, but thanks to this bike helmet, Dane's skull wasn't hurt.

"I'm glad you had your helmet on."

"Me too."

Unfortunately, new research from the CDC confirms that almost 85% of kids who ride bikes rarely or never wear a helmet.

When those kids come to the emergency room, the story is much different.

"Then they come in with deep gashes around their skull, broken skull, internal brain damage and they more often have to stay in the hospital and then hope their brain can repair itself."

Bike helmets save lives. It's a clear message, but parents and kids seem to be missing it.

Experts say that parents must set strict rules no helmet, no bike, no exceptions.

Head injuries make up 25% of emergency room visits from bike accidents.