Study Shows Link Between Texting & How Likely It Is Your Teen Will Have Sex

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Study Shows Link Between Texting & How Likely It Is Your Teen Will Have Sex

December 28, 2010 Updated Dec 28, 2010 at 6:54 PM CDT

Duluth, MN (Northland's NewsCenter) New provocative research reveals teens who text 120 times a day or more - are more likely to have sex than those who don't "hyper-text."

Most parents know there are a number of factors that determine whether a child will choose to have sex at a very young age, but few may realize just how powerful these risk factors are.

Barbara Reyelts has more in this week's Connect With Kids.

Experts say one reason young teenagers have sex is low self esteem.

"They were using me. They were using me because I was easy. I was easy to get in bed."

Another influence is the media.

"I think for some people they'll just see it and they'll just do it because it's on tv and you know, it's casual."

"We're concerned about their behavior, we certainly don't want them to be sexually active, we don't want them to think about sex, and yet they're exploited daily by the things they see, by the music they hear, by the clothes that they're reinforced to wear."

New research indicates another factor is how much time a teen spends texting.

A study presented at the meeting of the American public health association finds 'hyper-texters' - teens who text at least 120 times a day or more - are nearly three-and-half time more likely to have sex than their peers who don't text that much.

Experts remind us that the greatest influence on a child's decision to have sex is the opinion of his or her parents, but that only works if the parents have expressed their views.

"Parents have 100% of the power, because most kids won't admit that they listen to their parents, but what you say to them in an exchange of information is really what they need."

"I think other parents should quit being scared and just to talk to their kids about sex, stop trying to sugarcoat everything, trying to make everything look pretty, just talk to your kid, you know, don't- because if you don't talk to them they are going to get lost."