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  • How To Avoid Being The Victim Of An Online Scam

    American shoppers are now spending more than 100-billion dollars a year online. Much of that money is spend by tech-savvy teens. But, increasingly kids are becoming the victims of online scams. In this connect with kids report Barbara Reyelts has some tips on how kids can avoid getting ripped off.

  • The Connection Between Sleep & Suicide

    If your teenager wants to sleep until noon on the weekend, maybe that's not such a bad idea.According to a new study from Columbia University, there is a connection between sleep and suicide. The study found that kids with a bedtime of midnight or later were about 20 percent more likely to be depressed and think about suicide than kids with a bedtime of 10pm. Barbara Reylets has the details.

  • How Genetics Influence Childhood Obesity

    Childhood obesity is fast becoming one of the most pressing concerns facing kids across the country. Sometimes it's genetics and sometimes obesity is a family affair. Studies have shown that a child's risk of obesity greatly increases if one or more parent is overweight or obese. Barbara Reyelts has more in this week's connect with kids.

  • Connect With Kids: Warning Signs Of Skin Damage

    On the surface, it seems that skin cancer might be easily detected. But a new survey by the American academy of dermatology reports that too many of us don't look out for warning signs. And teens, in particular, are not taking precautions when it comes to the sun.Barbara Reyelts has more from Connect with Kids.

  • Connect With Kids: How To Prevent Procrastinating On Homework

    "Why do today what you can put off Til tomorrow?" Recent studies show that up to 95 percent of students procrastinate on their school work. Why do so many people put things off and how can parents get their kids to work? Barbara Reyelts has more in this week's Connect with kids.

  • Recognizing The Signs Of Depression In Your Teen

    It can be difficult for parents to tell the difference between the signs of teen depression and typical teen behavior. Yet experts say the risks of missing out on more serious issues is huge, prompting the American academy of pediatrics to issue a 160-page guide to help doctors identify and treat mental illness in children and teens. Barbara Reyelts has the story for Connect with kids.

  • Connect With Kids

    Connect With Kids aim is to help parents and educators help children. Each week we gather the freshest information from experts at universities, research organizations, hospitals, child advocacy groups and parents and kids themselves.

  • Bike Safety: The Importance Of Wearing A Helmet

    We know summertime means having fun riding bikes outside, but according to the CDC, a large majority of kids rarely or never wear a bike helmet. Known to reduce the risk of head injury by 88%. Eleven year old Dane does, and it probably saved his life. Barbara Reyelts has the story for Connect with kids.

  • Stopping Bullying Before It Starts

    Why do some children get picked on... Or get into arguments... While others don't? According to new research from the rush neurobehavioral center in Chicago, one answer may be how your child interacts with others. It seems that some kids can't read another child's face... Or tone of voice...or gestures... Which makes it difficult to resolve conflicts. To help their socially awkward kids, some parents are turning to experts. Barbara Reyelts has the has the story for Connect With Kids.

  • How Cliques Can Harm Your Child

    Summer time means playtime for lots of kids. But are they playing nicely?There is always someone on the outside wishing they were 'in'. Research shows that cliques are forming at younger and younger ages, but are these kids ready for the consequences? Barbara Reyelts has the story for Connect with Kids.