Connect With Kids

  • BPA Found In Plastic Cups Linked To Heart Disease

    A new university study is showing a link between the chemical BPA, used in the manufacture of hard, clear plastic, and heart disease. The study found that people with higher amounts of the chemical in their body had higher rates of heart trouble. Barbara Reyelts has more in this week's Connect with Kids.

  • The Impact Of Horror Films On Kids

    Horror films have been a popular genre for teens for years. And this year, Movie producers are scheduled to release over 30 expected big box office. But with new technology – they are more graphic, realistic, and accessible than ever before. What is the impact? Alison Wade has more in this week's Connect with Kids.

  • How Emotions Lead To Overeating

    The first lady of the land, Michelle Obama is taking on the epidemic of obesity among America's children. She says it's a challenge for the nation, but it's also a perplexing issue for parents. Many experts say if a child overeats the first step isn't to find a diet.. instead it's to find out why. Barbara Reyelts has more on the story for Connect with kids.