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  • From Kari Toyota

    Do you need to plug-in hybrid vehicles to charge the battery?

    No. These nickel-metal hydride batteries are charged by an internal combustion engine (ICE) driven generator and/or by regenerative braking that captures power from deceleration and braking. And, they have a computer sensor that makes sure the batteries never completely run out of power.

  • From Bagley & Company Jewelers

    Will you ship my purchase?

    Complimentary shipping is available on orders over $2,000. Jewelry purchases less than $2,000 are sent Registered Mail at a standard charge of $25. Gift merchandise is shipped using UPS Ground service with a minimum $10 charge. See table.

  • From Chris Jensen Health and Rehabilitation

    Tell me about the placement process.

    After an assessment has been completed the Admissions Director will discuss the important aspects of the care needs, insurance coverage, and the services that will be provided. Your physician will complete the necessary paperwork to facilitate the placement. Transportation will be provided to the facility and an initial meeting of the care team will be scheduled. The patient and their family will help to shape the plan for care. Social services will help answer any additional questions. Each department will meet with the family and resident to determine their individual needs and preferences for medical cares, social activities, and dietary requirements.

  • From Bagley & Company Jewelers

    What do I look for in a quality diamond engagement ring?

    Bagley’s on site jewelers have years of fine jewelry experience backed by generations of satisfaction. We can walk you through the gemstone buying process right at our store in downtown Duluth.

  • From Hannula & Halom Attorneys

    What is a personal injury case?

    Personal injury is when you are hurt because of someone else's negligence or wrongful act. Personal injury covers a wide spectrum: car accidents, truck accidents, wrongful death, dog bites and other animal attacks, Jet Ski® and other personal water craft injury claims, defective products, premises liability or injury because of a defect in a building, slip and fall, worksite accidents, etc.