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Back in the Black

LSS Financial Counseling Services

424 West Superior Street
Duluth, MN 55802
Hours of Operation
  • Monday - Thursday8:00am to 7:00pm
  • Friday8:00am to 5:00pm

Why Choose LSS Financial Counseling Service?

Are you concerned about your debt and feel it is a problem? Schedule a counseling session at your convenience with one of our certified counselors. In person, over the phone or even online. Our expert staff will be here for you from start to finish and provide the encouragement and support you need. We also pride ourselves in providing clear and consistent communication throughout the entire counseling process. Our counselors will work with you to determine if a Debt Management Plan will work for you.

A Debt Management Plan (DMP) may be a solution to help you reduce your monthly payments and be debt free in less than 5 years. Each situation is unique, but typical benefits from a DMP include:

• Provide you with an affordable repayment plan
• Allow you to take pride in full repayment of your debts
• Lower your interest rates
• Reduce your debts fasters
• Provide the ease of one payment
• Take the fear out of answering the phone and opening the mail
• Provide the comfort of knowing that 100% of your payment is going to your creditors

Call us today or visit our website if you are ready to experience the personal satisfaction of living debt free!

It's not how you got here...it's where you're going.
LSS Financial Counseling Service has been providing debt counseling services since 1987. We understand each person’s situation is unique. We have a long history of effectively and respectfully helping people experiencing financial stress. LSS certified credit counselors will work with you individually to address your situation, your needs and your concerns.

LSS is a full service agency and provides a wide variety of counseling services:

• Budget and Debt Counseling
• Debt Management Plans
• Housing Foreclosure Prevention
• Reverse Mortgage Counseling
• Bankruptcy Counseling and Education
• Credit Report Review

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can I trust to talk to about my debt problems?
Choosing the right agency to talk with about your debt can be overwhelming. By checking a few simple things, you could save yourself from getting scammed. Visit our website at http://www.lssmn.org/Debt-Counseling/Avoid-Scams/ for more information on choosing the right company. Always avoid any agency that asks for payments up front.
How do I choose which bills get paid each month?
LSS Financial Counseling Service recommends prioritizing your expenses each month in the following order. 1. Mortgage or Rent Pay your housing costs first to avoid foreclosure or eviction. 2. Utilities Pay heat, electric and water bills to prevent shut-off. 3. Food Basic grocery purchases are essential. Plan meals and avoid eating out. 4. Healthcare On-going doctor visits or prescriptions to treat medical problems are priorities to pay. 5. Insurance Premiums Medical insurance and automobile liability insurance premiums are basic expenses to pay. 6. Secured Debts To avoid repossession, payments need to be made on loans that have collateral securing the loan. 7. Student Loans and Tax Debts It is important that you stay current on student loans and tax debts. 8. Unsecured Debt Credit cards and old medical bills are examples of unsecured debts.
How do I create a budget?
Creating a budget may not sound like the most exciting thing in the world to do, but it is vital in keeping your finances in order. And ultimately, the end result will be able to show where your money is coming from, how much is there and where it is all going. First, visit our website at http://www.lssmn.org/Financial-Resources/Helpful-Documents/ and print off the Expense Tracking Form. Then gather every financial statement you can. Record all of your sources of income and plug in a list of monthly expenses. Remember to be honest!
What do I need to bring for a counseling appointment? How long does an appointment take? Is it free?
Visit our website at http://www.lssmn.org/Debt-Counseling/Debt-FAQs/ to find out the answers the most commonly asked questions about debt counseling.
Medical debt has wiped me out. Where do I start to get back on track?
Start by making a budget. Visit our website at http://www.lssmn.org/Financial-Resources/Helpful-Documents/ and print off the Expense Tracking Form. Then gather every financial statement you can. Record all of your sources of income and plug in a list of monthly expenses. Remember to be honest! Once you have a good picture of your income and expenses start prioritizing what to pay first. Start with your basic necessities. Home, utilities and food are the most important.
I am on a limited budget. How do I pay back my student loans?
Your first step is to always contact your lender, explain your situation and learn what options are available to you based on your situation. Visit http://www.direct.ed.gov/ to find helpful tools on managing a federal direct loan. Some options for repaying on your loans on a limited income include income contingent or income based repayment plans, where the payment is determined by your level of income. Other options include putting your loans into deferment or forbearance. Although little or no payments on the loan are required during a deferment or forbearance, the interest continues to accrue during that time.
I’m worried about losing my home. What should I do?
LSS provides foreclosure prevention counseling, and we can make a huge difference for homeowners trying to keep their home. Our housing counselors can explain your options, and your rights - as well as help to determine if you qualify for any modification programs that could make your home more affordable. Waiting limits your options, so even if you are concerned about keeping up on your mortgage, call right away. In addition, mortgage modification scams are often disguised to look like legitimate solutions, so be sure to seek advice from trusted, reputable sources for information.
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