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Peak Construction & Roofing

4897 Miller Trunk Hwy 212
Duluth, MN 55811
(218) 525-5478
Hours of Operation
  • Monday - Friday:8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
  • After hours available by appointment.

For a job done right the first time.

Peak Construction & Roofing
For a job done right the first time.

Duluth Roofing Contractor serving the Minnesota Northland

Peak Construction and Roofing is a commercial and residential roofing contractor who brings over 10 years of experience to each project. We use only top-grade materials backed by the best warranties in the industry. Peak Construction and Roofing specializes in hail and storm damage repairs. We give you professional guidance to help with insurance claims. We know the process can be challenging, and that's why at PEAK, we take the time to ensure you feel comfortable and confident every step of the way.

At Peak Construction and Roofing, "For a Job Done Right the First Time" is more than just a tag line: it's at the heart of every project we do. You can expect expert workmanship and courteous service from PEAK - at affordable rates. With careful planning we will work within your budget to reach your building improvement goals and take every precaution to protect your yard and landscaping and always provide thorough clean up.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the first steps to take when I think I have hail damage?
The first think you should do is to call your home insurance company and request for an adjuster to inspect your roof for hail damage. Secondly, call a reputable roofing company to come and give the same inspection. Sometimes there are discrepancies between the adjuster's findings and the roofer's findings. In this case, you may call for a "re-inspection." This is where the insurance adjuster meets with the roofer to inspect the roof together. Re-inspections happen quite often. When your insurance company assesses the value of loss, they must determine:

1. Was there enough damage to the roof to declare it a total loss? (It's usually a total loss when there are 10 verified hail hits per 100 square feet.)

2. What's the size of the roof and how many shingles will be needed to replace the roof?
How soon do I need to replace my roof after storm damage?
Initially, hail damage may pose no immediate threat to the structural integrity of the roof. However, there may be a “statute of limitations” of how long a hail claim can be filed. It’s best that if you do experience hail damage, that you have the damage assessed right away before things get worse.
What does ‘depreciation’ mean? In my adjustment, my insurance company deducted money for it.
Several terms insurance companies use when they hold back money: Some call it depreciation and other companies may call it a dump and removal fee. Either way, it’s the amount of money your insurance will keep until they receive a signed contract from you and a contractor for the work. When they receive a signed contract, you will receive another check for amount of money that was withheld.
What is the difference between types of shingles?
3-Tab Singles - Three-tab shingles are the most common. They have a very flat appearance and they are available in two basic categories: 20 year & 25 year:

    ·20 Year:
    A good basic choice if function is the primary goal.

    ·25 Year / Fungus Resistant:
    Though these are identical in appearance, this shingle is made with a higher tear and pull resistance. It is the least expensive shingle available with Fungus Resistance.

Architectural Singles
If you want shingles that are functional and look great, these higher value shingles have a number of different looks and color blends that will give the roof a "layered" look. These laminated shingles are heavier and stronger than economy shingles. Therefore, these shingles offer a greater degree of wind, tear and blow-off resistance in addition to better value and longer warranties. Most are available with Fungus Resistance.

Designer Singles
These are the "flagship" shingles of their respective manufacturers. Each are unique in appearance and designed to give a specific look while out performing other standard shingles. Most are available with fungus resistance.
What will a new roof cost?
The cost of a new roof will vary based on the material selected, the contractor doing the work, the home itself, the geographic area, local labor rates, time of year, and so on. Remember, cost is only one decision factor. You must consider the quality of the materials and workmanship of your contractor. Different roofing materials come in various grades – and corresponding prices. Additionally, shingles come in a variety of styles and shapes. You should examine the full product range and make a choice that fits your budget and needs. Within the roofing profession there are different levels of expertise and craftsmanship. Be sure to choose a contractor who is committed to quality work – like Peak Construction and Roofing!
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