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Disposal & Recycling

Shamrock Landfill & Trucking

761 MN Highway 45
Cloquet, MN 55720
West side of MN Highway 45, approximately ½ mile south of the
I-35/Hwy 45 junction (exit 239).
Phone: (218) 878-0112

Hours of Operation
  • Monday - Friday7am - 5pm
  • Saturday7am - 1pm
  • SundayClosed

Environmental Landfill

The Shamrock Environmental Landfill in Cloquet, MN is a state-of-the-art disposal facility for industrial waste and construction and demolition debris. The liner system and leachate collection system make the facility an environmentally responsible and convenient disposal option serving northern Minnesota and western Wisconsin.

Acceptable materials: Non-hazardous industrial wastes, non-hazardous debris resulting from construction, demolition, and remodeling projects including asbestos. Shamrock Environmental Landfill provides management services and environmentally secure disposal of Construction and Demolition debris (C&D).

Construction and Demolition Debris Disposal
For our clients in the construction and demolition industries, we pledge prompt, cost-effective service and an environmentally sound method of waste disposal. Shamrock provides the best option for waste generators who are concerned where their waste is disposed and who desire to minimize their environmental risk. Industrial Waste Disposal

Non-Hazardous Industrial Waste Disposal
We work with each customer to evaluate their particular disposal needs and develop a management program that will ensure convenient, efficient, cost-effective disposal services that minimize environmental risk. The peace of mind that Shamrock's commitment to environmental protection ensures has made it the disposal choice of some of Minnesota's largest companies, growing small businesses, utilities, and development projects of all sizes.

The Shamrock Environmental Landfill, located just beyond Duluth, MN and Superior, WI, offers a secure and convenient disposal location for our industrial waste clients in Northern Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. The facility has been designed and constructed to meet or exceed Federal Subtitle D landfill design standards.

Shamrock Environmental Landfill believes wholeheartedly in the recycling and processing of waste. Shamrock's system allows for the efficient, economical recovery of numerous resources and diverts valuable materials from the waste stream saving precious landfill airspace and reducing the need for virgin resources. Concrete and metal are consistently at the top of our list of recycled materials. However, other materials such as corrugated cardboard, brick, vinyl siding can also be separated from the waste stream and recycled.

Ongoing Community Service
When the communities in the region were devastated by the tragic flooding of June 2012, Shamrock was committed to lending a helping hand in the best way we could. Shamrock offered FREE disposal of flood debris to Cloquet residents. Additionally, we offered discounted at-cost disposal rates to Carlton and Aitkin Counties and also provided discounted transportation to remove debris. Shamrock continues its legacy of community involvement, today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does environmental landfill mean?
The liner system at Shamrock Environmental Landfill was constructed with a 60-mil HDPE and 2 foot clay composite liner which goes well beyond Minnesota requirements for C&D landfills and meets Federal Subtitle D standards. All leachate is collected, tested, and properly disposed of in an approved facility.
What type of testing occurs to make sure our groundwater is safe?
Shamrock also conducts groundwater monitoring to test water quality. These tests provide a method to constantly monitor the ground water entering the facility and its quality leaving the facility, thus providing needed information as to whether a liner system is performing properly. Shamrock personnel are all certified C&D landfill operators.
Does Shamrock have a reliable history of environmental responsibility?
Our facility in Cloquet has been designed to maximize environmental protection by meeting and exceeding requirements. Due to our stringent and continual focus on environmental protection and operational excellence, we have never received a violation at any of our facilities in our entire history. With this company philosophy, Shamrock is able to provide unmatched environmental safeguards to protect the public and our customers' interests.
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