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  • From Furniture & Mattresses 4 Less

    What is the difference between a standard king mattress and a California king?

    The standard king is 76” wide by 80” long, while the California king is 72” wide by 84” long. Other mattress sizes are: Queen (60” wide by 80” long), Full/Double (54” wide by 80” long) and Twin/Single (39” wide by 75” long) and Twin XL (39” wide by 80” long).

  • From Bagley & Company Jewelers

    What if I want a certain engagement ring, but can’t find it? Can you help me design my own?

    We can create custom jewelry from your ideas. We can design anything you want and make it for you. Bring in your ideas, and together we can figure out the right design to fit with your desires.

  • From Chris Jensen Health and Rehabilitation

    How do I choose a rehabilitation facility?

    Finding a place for a family member after a hospitalization, injury or illness can be a difficult task. They may be unable to live independently and require inpatient care in the short or long term. The most important thing to do is take a tour of the facility. Ask questions of the staff and Admissions Coordinator and be sure to address any special needs. We suggest you tour more than one place to find the best one for you.

  • From Fall General Surgery, LLC

    What are varicose veins?

    They are enlarged veins near the surface of the skin. They are most common in the legs and ankles and affect about 15% of the population.

  • From Cartier Agency

    How can I save money on my auto insurance premiums?

    By getting your defensive drivers certificate, you not only become a more attentive driver, you will also receive a discount on your insurance premium. Another way to save money on your annual auto premiums is to look at raising your deductibles on comprehensive and collision coverage. The higher the deductible means the lower the premium. Again, insuring your home and auto together with one company will save you money on your annual insurance premiums” multi-policy discount.