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  • From Cartier Agency

    How can I get questions answered about the Affordable Care Act?

    We recommend that people start with speaking to a trained professional. Trained insurance professionals or a navigator with MN Sure can help you determine if you are eligible for a variety of programs which have become available because of the Affordable Care Act. There are a lot of factors to take in consideration; like monthly premiums, deductibles, out-of-pocket expenses, co-pays and most importantly, which doctors one may see. A trained insurance professional may help you navigate through all of the changes of the Affordable Care Act and find a plan that works for you.

  • From Johnson Mertz and Prime Appliance

    Why isn’t my dryer heating up?

    Did you select an air tumble cycle or air only temperature option? The air tumble cycle or air only temperature does not add heat to the dryer. Expect loads dried with the air tumble cycle or air only temperature to take longer to dry. Air tumble cycle or air only temperature can be found on the control knob or button with the other temperature selections. Click here for more solutions.

  • From Superior Choice Credit Union

    Does SCCU offer student loans?

    SCCU does not offer private student loans directly. However, we’ve partnered with Sallie Mae for the Smart Option Student Loan.

  • From Hannula & Halom Attorneys

    What is the difference between worker's compensation and personal injury?

    Both involve physical injuries. However, if you are injured in the job, it is called workers compensation. The workers compensation procedure is more straightforward and does not involve a court trial or a jury. Since it is so different, if you have a workers compensation injury, you should turn to the workers compensation page on this web site.

  • From Shamrock Landfill & Trucking

    Does Shamrock have a reliable history of environmental responsibility?

    Our facility in Cloquet has been designed to maximize environmental protection by meeting and exceeding requirements. Due to our stringent and continual focus on environmental protection and operational excellence, we have never received a violation at any of our facilities in our entire history. With this company philosophy, Shamrock is able to provide unmatched environmental safeguards to protect the public and our customers' interests.