Duluth Golden Apple Recipient Sings Lessons

By KBJR News 1

March 16, 2011 Updated Mar 16, 2011 at 12:11 PM CDT

Teaching can sometimes be a thankless job so for years, the Northland's News Center has thanked at least one educator a month through the Golden Apple Award. This month's recipient puts a little tune in her teaching.

"Punctuation, they are the little marks that give you emphasis." sang Amy Keller to her kids.

Third grade teacher Amy Keller emphasizes singing in her Raleigh Edison classroom.

"Singing is one way to help get their brains going and help them remember important information." said Keller.

"Gravity, it'll pull you down right to the ground. It's gravity!" sang the kids.

Learning through song inspired third grader Tess Hansskala to nominate Ms. Keller for the Golden Apple Award and prize pack from Duluth Teachers Credit Union and the Sylvan Learning Center.

"I think it's funny because sometimes when we sing Ms. Keller makes up funny songs." said Tess.

As funny as the physics behind simple machines can be.

"Pulley, pulley, pulley!" sang the kids.

Of course, Ms. Keller's kids also learn in the traditional way.
Problem solving is her main goal.

"I really hope that after being in my class room they remember how to think and solve problems for themselves because that's what we've been working on." said Keller.

Ms. Keller also promises to her students that she'll work on her singing because she admits she can go off key every now and then.
In Duluth, Dave Anderson, the Northland's News Center.

If you know a teacher that deserves the Golden Apple, check out this website for information on the nomination process.