Golden Apple Award Recipient: Patrick Day

By KBJR News 1

July 14, 2011 Updated Jul 14, 2011 at 2:17 PM CDT

Carlton, MN (Northland's NewsCenter) --The school year is wrapping up so this month's Golden Apple Award will be the last one until the fall.

This month's recipient teaches the laws of physics by bending them just a little.

Dave Anderson has his story.

A lot of students think their teachers are full of hot air but Carlton's Patrick Day has his kids put their own hot air to use.

The middle school science teacher uses balloon powered cars like this to teach Newton's Laws of Physics.

Mr. Day got interested in teaching science from an Esko teacher.

"Mr. Bowman. I liked the way he taught and the things we learned about in science."

Day was nominated for the Golden Apple by two students who like his persistence.

"He won't let us forget anything and he actually teaches us the subject and we really learn it and retain it."

Many teachers will tell you middle schoolers can be among the hardest students to interest in school work but Mr. Day manages to get the job done.

"One thing I admire about him is he is a good teacher but he still brings fun."

The car project teaches about force and acceleration in a fun way.
Marble shooters bring fun to ballistics and gravity.
These games have a purpose, though.

"We learn how to do problem solving within groups and we do everything with each other."

To Mr. Day, teamwork and problem solving rank even higher than Newton's Laws of Motion.

"Whether you're an engineer or an accountant, it's important so you need to have the ability to reason and think things through and solve everyday problems that come up."

In Carlton, Dave Anderson, the Northland's News Center.

Patrick Day's Golden Apple came with a gift packet from the Slyvan Learning Center and a hundred and fifty dollars from Duluth Teacher's Credit Union.

If you know a teacher who deserves a similar prize, check out northland's news center dot com for nomination details.