Golden Apple Winner Inspires Students To Learn

By KBJR Manager

September 14, 2010 Updated Sep 14, 2010 at 3:22 PM CDT

Scott Jean has been teaching for more than two decades.

The last two years here at Littlefork-Big Falls.

But he doesn't see it as work.

"My philosophy is I really don't have a job, I just get to come here and spend time with wonderful people. I'm excited to get up and help kids and work with all the professionals in the building, it's just a great job to have."

Mr. Jean wears ties on his students birthdays, he comes up with educational games and challenges, and he can turn most any situation into a math problem.

"So we buy 200 hot dogs? Yeah! Alright!"

And he's willing to go the extra mile - he drives 120 of them to school and back every day.

"I thought he deserved it because he drives really far every day to come to school and teach us, and he's a basketball coach too so he's really busy all the time."

He's certainly a team player.

"I really can't take all the credit. Other staff members, principals, superintendents, it's everyone that should be receiving this award, not just one person."

The hope is to make lasting connections.

" We smile a lot, we interact and I hope someday, when they're adults, they'll come and visit with me and if they need help outside of the 5th grade that they feel I was a role model and that they can come get more advice if needed"

"Is that the case? Yes!"