Northland State Parks popular with high gas prices

By KBJR News 1

February 21, 2012 Updated Feb 21, 2012 at 11:46 AM CDT

Gas prices continue to flirt with four dollars- a- gallon and with the unofficial kickoff of summer in full-swing, recreation is costing a pretty penny.
As Joel Runck explains, many Northlanders are spending their holiday weekend closer to home and many of our pristine state parks are playing host.

The great outdoors....a time to take in the view, relax, and simply enjoy life.
Campers say with high fuel prices, there's no better option than state parks here in the Northland.

"If I'm just at home, I don't get to just...rest or getaway or even I wouldn't just sit outside necessarily in my own backyard like camping makes me do," said Lisa Bentley of St. Cloud.

As vacationers take to the roads, Kerry Isensee of Pattison State Park in Wisconsin says people won't travel as far this year.

But, that doesn't mean they'll scratch vacation off their to do lists.

"All reservable sites were gone ahead of time and looking through the summer, we're booked up for the summer-a little surprisingly," said Kerry Isensee, superintendent for Wisconsin's Pattison State Park.

It's the same story across the border at Jay Cooke State Park.

"For Memorial weekend, we're full as usual, we'll be full through Sunday night," said Mark Luschen, assistant park manager for Minnesota's Jay Cooke State Park.

This Memorial Day weekend, Park officials say it's not so much gas prices that are affecting travel plans as it is Mother Nature.

"The number one thing that seems to have affected things this spring up to Memorial weekend is the cool Spring we've been experiencing," said Luschen.

Die hard campers at Pattison State Park say high gas and cooler temps can't get in the way of their tradition.

"We don't go near as far but we did make our annual trip up here, which we like to do," said Stephen Atherton, Jr. of Couderay, Wisconsin. "This is our favorite place."

So even if your have to spend more money... the cost of fun remains priceless.

"People's recreation is very important to them," said Luschen.