Great Summer Getaway: Grand Marais, MN

By KBJR News 2

February 21, 2012 Updated Feb 21, 2012 at 11:46 AM CDT

We continue search tonight of great summer getaways that are close to home and won't break the bank. Our destination tonight is Grand Marais along Minnesota's North shore. Be sure to pack your creativity as it's a spot where the arts meet the North.

When you Drive into Grand Marais you're whisked away to a far off destination.

"You could easily imagine being on some Scandinavian coastline or on the coast of Maine... spectacular place to look out on the water. You could be on the ocean," The Executive Director of North House Folk school, Greg Wright said.

It's a place where you can unplug from daily life and connect with your inner artist.

"The economy is very artistic based which is rare in today's world," said Jan Sivertson.

Sivertson owns one of the several art galleries you'll find in town.

"This gallery represents about 100 regional artists. We started with a few local excellent artists then branched out to include many regional artists plus into the arctic."

From paintings, to photographs and jewelry; each work of art reflects Lake Superior and the surrounding area. If you're feeling inspired you can learn how to put your own creativity on paper.

"In this click and drop world we live in, it's not often we discover that we can actually make things for ourselves of value," said Wright.

The school has been giving folks an opportunity to use their hands and minds since 1997.

"Throughout the year we offer course work focusing on crafts, on topic ranging from timber frame construction, to Norwegian boat building, to wood fire break baking, to moose hive mukluk making to mosaic building," said Wright.

Unlike most schools, you aren't graded on your work, but the executive director says you do walk away with a sense of accomplishment.

"It's a school about doing. It's about picking up things with your hands and creating things that are real," Wright said.

If you're looking to get active after you're creativity runs dry, there's no shortage of possibilities in Grand Marais. You can bicycle on paths built into the roads, go for a walk out on Artist's Point to check out the lighthouses, and go hiking.

"It's really a wonderful thing no matter your physical ability is to do some hiking. We provide some information on easy hikes for people who aren't super mobile or who are very young to intermediate to advance that are just awesome," said Grand Marais Area Chamber of Commerce Director, Diane Brostrom.

It's a summer time destination, she says, is about you.

"Discover Grand Marais, yes, discover mother nature, discover interesting abilities, but you'll discover yourself."

For more information, visit:
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