Golden Apple Winner: Brian Wickenhieser

By KBJR Manager

January 11, 2011 Updated Jan 11, 2011 at 9:26 PM CDT

An elementary school teacher in Esko has won the hearts and minds of his class by getting his students' brains grooving.

Dave Anderson has the story of January's Golden Apple winner.

"You've got to line up the decimal point!"

This is the math dance. It's part of Brian Wickenhieser's curriculum in his Esko class room.

The kids call him Mr. Wick for short and sixth grader Karlie Kulas almost enjoys the dance.

"Kind of. It's embarrassing sometimes."

There is reason to the teacher's rhyme, though.

"He thinks it's good for us to learn things in a different way and using more parts of your brain helps you remember things."

Innovative teaching techniques like that inspired Karlie to nominate Mr. Wick for this month's golden apple award.

Other educational tricks, up his sleeve, include live video hook ups.

"We're using our smart board and a web cam and we're going to contact a gentleman who teaches college in California."

That lesson introduced the Esko sixth graders to the poetry of ancient Greece.

Mr. Wick also wants to introduce his kids to the Northland's famous work ethic.

"The gumption to get it done; to dig in and tackle it and learn that they can do it. They just need to apply themselves."

Mr. Wick's plan boils down to hard work interspersed with a little fun.

"You've got to line up the decimal point so early in the morning."

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