Protecting Yourself From Scams

By KBJR News 1

November 5, 2010 Updated Nov 5, 2010 at 5:42 PM CDT

We've all seen the e–mails; some African prince has a billion dollars and he needs your help in transferring the money to the U.S, in return you get a million bucks.
Sounds too good to be true right, well it is.

It's just one of thousands of scams out there.

Now with the bad economy fraud prevention experts say they've seen an up tick in scams ranging from fake Jamaican lotteries, to fake mailers regarding the newly enacted health care reform.

This morning in Duluth the American Association of Retired Persons held a fraud prevention seminar aimed at keeping seniors safe from scams.

With A–A–R–P says retirees are a major target for criminals because generally they have more money.

"Often times it's older Minnesotans who have saved their entire lives, they own their own home and they have those retirement funds so they are targets for frauds, so it's not that they're naïve it's that they generally have more money and more financial security."

Remember to never give personal information over the phone and internet, and the Government nor your bank will ask for social security numbers or other information over the phone or e-mail.