Medical Insight

DULUTH, (nncnow.com) -- The CDC reports that each year over 200,000 people are hospitalized with heart and respiratory problems associated with the flu. Physicians says that getting the flu vaccine can help bring those numbers down. According to the CDC the flu season usually starts in late October. They suggest that people should get vaccinated before that time. One of Essentia's Infectious Disease Physicians, Rajesh Prabhu, says if someone procrastinates the flu vaccine they can make themselves more susceptible to getting the flu. The flu season peak is difficult to calculate before it happens. Last flu season, the CDC reported that the flu season peak was in later March. Prahbu says that vaccinating yourself could help keep the whole community safe, "the most vulnerable are the very young and the very old. So, the point of the flu vaccine is the more people are immunized, hopefully that flu won't entrench in that community, less people will get sick and hopefully the season will be much better for everyone, health-wise." Some important news for those who don't like needles is that the CDC is actually no longer recommending the mist flu vaccine. They say that's because there are concerns about how effective the spray is. In Duluth, vaccines are available at the Essentia, St. Lukes and Walgreens. Some people say they never get the vaccine because they always seem to get the flu from it. Prahbu says that it is common for people to get mild symptoms from the flu vaccine. Though the flu vaccine is not a live vaccine. Prahbu says you cannot get the flu virus if the vaccine is not live.