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Businesses in our Sustainable Living directory are committed to the practice of sustainability – meeting the needs of their customers today without compromising the well-being of our community’s tomorrow. They may be focused on ecological waste management, offer organic, free range or grass fed foods, support fair trade, buy and partner with local businesses,  or offer community education. Check out our partners below to see how
they are working to sustain the Twin Port’s area.


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   Timeless Timber
   2200 East Lakeshore Drive Ashland WI 54806

  Recovered Virgin Growth Underwater Timber. A Piece Of History for the Future. All Timeless Timber woods and suppliers are 100% SCS Certified recovered submerged timbers. Timeless Timber is virgin old growth timber 300-1200 years old, recovered from the depths of lakes and rivers of North America and Canada. In the 1800’s lumberjacks felled millions of virgin trees. These logs were floated to lumber mills. Most of the lumber was used to build the great cities of the Industrial Revolution, except the logs that were lost before reaching their destination. These logs remained at the bottom of lakes and rivers for over a century. In the 1990’s Timeless Timber discovered these logs and devised methods for recovery and drying these irreplaceable woods.
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   Yarn Harbor
  103 Mount Royal Shopping Circle, Duluth, MN  55803
  Yarn Harbor of Duluth supports the local economy and sustainability in simple ways. Knitting itself is a sustainable act in that you can create your own garments or household items. For many years, the plastic bags that the yarn comes in are donated to Animal Allies to use as waste disposal bags. Annually, Yarn Harbor hosts an Animal Allies Donation Day where a portion of the profits are donated to the shelter. By carrying some local Minnesota yarns and by working with several local businesses to create fun and informative events for networking and entertainment, Yarn Harbor continues to support our local economy. View our monthly newsletter and don’t miss out on one of our many classes!
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   Tycoon's Alehouse and Eatery
   132 E Superior St  Duluth, MN 55802

Tycoons Alehouse is a member of the Lake Superior Good Food Compact, a commitment to being at least 20% local by 2020. Tycoons’ sustainability practices began before the restaurant opened with the restoration of Duluth’s historic 1880s City Hall, which was honored by the Preservation Alliance of Minnesota with the 2012 Adaptive Reuse Award. Tycoons also pours award-winning Fitger’s Brewhouse Beer, which is brewed just blocks away with Lake Superior water and all-natural ingredients. The restaurant also keeps its own fold of Scottish Highland cattle in Twig (just outside Duluth), which are free-range, grass-fed, and finished on spent grain from the Fitger’s Brewhouse brewery, turning what was a waste-product into a food source for cattle. Many other local-food initiatives are underway at Tycoons as well.


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   Whole Foods Co-op
   610 E 4th Street Duluth, MN 55805 

Whole Foods Co-op is a Duluth, Minnesota food cooperative dedicated to whole foods, organic foods and supporting local farmers. Since 1970, Whole Foods Co-op has grown from a dedicated 20 member buying club to a thriving natural foods retailer with over 7,400 owners. From the LEED-certified building to our organic certification in all departments of the store, WFC strives for sustainability and a healthy regional food system. Local and regional suppliers are highlighted throughout the store, from our stellar Produce Department all the way to the Fog City Deli. Join us for lunch and leave with the best groceries around. We look forward to seeing you in the aisles!


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   2nd Street Bistro

 201 East Main Street Ashland, WI 54806


2nd Street Bistro supports our local economy by creating their menu seasonally using the freshest and most local ingredients possible.  Freehands Farms: fresh herbs and table flowers, Blue Vista Farm: blueberries and raspberries, Bay Fisheries: all fish, Deep Roots Farm: fresh greens, Will Willow Hollow: heirloom tomatos, peppers, green beans, cucumbers, Don’s Berry’s Patch: Strawberries, 6th Street Market: burgers, pepper bacon, Italian sausage, tetzner’s milk, Bread of Life: all baked goods. Stop in for lunch or dinner and support our local economy!


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   Sixth Street Market

 1413 6th St. W. Ashland, WI

  For over 25 years, we have worked at this location to build an outstanding meat department. We offer a variety of fresh meat, smoked sausages, and fresh sausage. We have moved up in the past years from retail to now offering wholesale. We offer local lamb, pork, beef, and when available organically raised beef from local farmers within a 50 mile radius of Ashland. We are fortunate to be able to offer an extensive line of locally produced items, including Artisan Bakery, jellies, jams, Bayfield berries, apples, and much more! We feel we do whatever is feasible to support sustainability in our community and the surrounding area and are always looking for ways to grow with this concept in mind.

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 160 Madeline Island La Pointe, WI 54850


Ancientwood imports Ancient Kauri wood from New Zealand, a unique material with an amazing beauty and intriguing history.  Ancient Kauri has been buried underground for approximately 50,000 years.  It is commonly regarded as the oldest wood available in the world.  It is rare to find an exotic material that is made available through environmentally friendly methods.  Not one tree was cut down to harvest it.  All the trees were felled thousands of years ago by natural forces.  Ancient Kauri has a powerful beauty.  The tones of the wood are lovely, and it has a powerful shimmering iridescence.  The glow of Ancient Kauri adds to its beauty and illustrates that this is no ordinary timber, but something quite special.  Please check out our web site for more information on our Ancient Kauri.


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