Women in Leadership: Evdoxia Gerogeorge

By KBJR Manager

September 30, 2010 Updated Sep 30, 2010 at 1:04 PM CDT

Once again the Northland's News Center is honoring ten wonderful women in our annual "Women in Leadership" designations.

This year's honorees include a Duluth woman who has been teaching for just about her entire lifetime.

Dave Anderson brings us the story of Evdoxia Gerogeorge and her idea that education makes everyone's life better.

The hustle and bustle of the classroom is music to the ears of Evdoxia Gerogeorge of Duluth.

She made a long career of teaching at several schools, served as a substitute teacher after retirement and still volunteers in a couple of classrooms.

Her itch to teach came during childhood.

"When I was in sixth grade at Jefferson School the kindergarten teachers would have meetings and in those days you could leave the children with a sixth grader so I went in the classroom and took over and read to the children and I just fell in love with teaching."

The name Evdoxia Gerogeorge can be a tongue twister for little mouths so most students know her as Mrs. G.

Ostensibly retired, Mrs. G. keeps on giving lessons because of her conviction that knowledge builds character.

"An educated person is more kind, more caring and can do a lot of good so that's the reason I became a teacher."

Along with volunteering at Rockridge and Lester Park schools, Mrs. G. also helps out at the Lakeshore Home's therapy department, plus serves at Twelve Holy Apostles Greek Orthodox Church.

In typical fashion Mrs. G thinks more about the help she gets than the help she gives.

"Everyday when I go out and get kind treatment of kind service I'm sure to thank the person and being a teacher I always say you got an A plus today."

Mrs. G. is humbled by her "women in leadership award" and says other people can become leaders by following the "pay it forward" rule.

"If I do it to one person I hope they will remember and do it for somebody else."