Women in Leadership: Suzi Olson

By KBJR News 1

September 24, 2010 Updated Sep 24, 2010 at 8:04 AM CDT

For Suzi Olson a typical day on the job is quite different than for most of us.

Suzi's job often includes flames, speed, and a willingness to put her life on the line for others.

Suzi's passion for firefighting started when she just a kid watching her heroic father in action.

"I used to ride my bike to all of the fires. We used to have a scanner at home so I'd hear the address and I'd figure out where it was and I'd go and I'd watch them fight fires and I just loved it. I thought it was a really cool thing that my dad was doing," says Suzi.

Watching her dad risk his life to keep others safe inspired Suzi to become a firefighter herself.

Her career choice drew both excitement and concern from both her parents... but especially her father.

"His heart just bounced off the walls. I think his ego just took right over and then the fear struck because he knew the situations that firefighters face," says Suzi's mother Lottie Potter.

Suzi successfully completed her training and joined the Superior Fire Department... the same department where her father worked.

"She's got a lot of the same traits that he did. He was very easy to work with and very easy to talk to and just a lot of fun. For being a daughter, she turned out a lot like her old man," says Superior Fire Department Battalion Chief Vern Johnson.

Since her father has passed away... Suzi has carried on the family legacy working to keep Northlanders safe and inspiring all of us along the way.

"When people look at me they can say wow she's 5'2 and she's a girl yet she is surviving in this male dominated world," says Suzi.

10 women will be honored at the 7th annual Northlands NewsCenter Women in Leadership Award Luncheon.

It will be held November 17th at the Greysolon Plaza.