Your Green Life embraces an approach to living that treads gently on the Earth that supports us in everything we do. Our stories focus on people, organizations and companies that are dedicated to making our lifestyles more environmentally friendly. Northland's NewsCenter meteorologist Adam Lorch is committed to finding opportunities to improve our quality of life and reduce our carbon footprints on this natural wonderland we call the Northland.
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  • Your Green Life: "Sustainable Cup of Coffee"

    Americans consume nearly 400 million cups of coffee per day. Here in Duluth, there is one coffee roasting company trying to push the market towards sustainability while offering a premium caffeinated beverage. In this weeks Your Green Life, Meteorologist Adam Lorch goes to Alakef Coffee Roasters to see how the coffee beans are going green.

  • Your Green Life: "Verso Recycling Program"

    Last year, Verso bought the New Page Company in Duluth. The paper mill is still going strong, but it's also still going green. In this week's Your Green Life, meteorologist Adam Lorch takes a tour of Verso's recycling facility.

  • Your Green Life: "Recycling for Research"

    Duluth, Minn. (NNCNOW.com) -- Why do we recycle? Some of us do it because it's the right thing, some of us do it out of habit. But NRRI is using recycling to raise funds for their sustainable research.

  • Your Green Life: "A Green Scholarship"

    Duluth, MN (NNCNOW.com) - It's a new year and for Sustainable Twin Ports that means another group of businesses will be taking the Early Adopter Training. In this week's Your Green Life, Meteorologist Adam Lorch brings us some exciting news for any wanna–be sustainable businesses.

  • Your Green Life: "Seed Library"

    The Duluth public Library launched its seed library program earlier this year to promote home gardening and help create plant species that thrive in our cooler environment. The Minnesota Department of Agriculture said the seed library was illegal. In this week's Your Green Life, Meteorologist Adam Lorch explains how some state lawmakers want to change the law to allow the important program to continue.

  • Your Green Life: "2014 Recap"

    We live in what is considered to be some of the most pristine land in the country. From the Boundary Waters, to the Bayfield Peninsula, there are people working every day to keep our environment clean. In this week's Your Green Life, Meteorologist Adam Lorch looks back at another green year in the Northland.

  • Your Green Life: "Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank"

    The Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank distributes food to more than one hundred and eighty non–profit site across the region which serves more than 40–thousand people. Without this program, tens of thousands of people would go hungry and millions of pounds of food would be wasted. In this weeks Your Green Life, Meteorologist Adam Lorch goes to the Second Harvest Food Bank to show how they are providing a service for the people in the Northland and the environment.

  • Your Green Life: "Bentleyville Lights"

    This has been a record breaking year for Bentleyville thanks to some warmer weather. Tens of thousands of people visit Bayfront Park to see the millions of lights each year. But all of those lights require a lot of electricity. In this weeks Your Green Life, Meteorologist Adam Lorch heads to the tour of lights to see how they are reducing the electricity bill.

  • Your Green Life: "Plastic Problems"

    Aquatic invasives are a constant concern in all of our lakes. But there is one man made aquatic invasive that is making its way into our lakes and streams. In this week's Your Green Life, Meteorologist Adam Lorch shows us ways we can stop plastics from entering the environment.

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