Your Green Life embraces an approach to living that treads gently on the Earth that supports us in everything we do. Our stories focus on people, organizations and companies that are dedicated to making our lifestyles more environmentally friendly. Northland's NewsCenter meteorologist Adam Lorch is committed to finding opportunities to improve our quality of life and reduce our carbon footprints on this natural wonderland we call the Northland.
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  • Your Green Life: "TV Recycling at WLSSD"

    Duluth, MN (NNCNOW.com) -- Did you get a new TV for Christmas? Or maybe you upgraded your TV for this weekend's big game. Well if you're looking to dispose of that old TV then WLSSD has a green option for you.

  • Your Green Life: "Sea Life: Light and Water"

    The Mall of America is home to jellyfish, sea turtles...even sharks. They're all at the aquarium underneath the Mall...called Sea Life. Sea Life is one of the first aquariums in the country to convert to LED lights. In this week's Your Green Life... Meteorologist Adam Lorch tells us how life under the sea is becoming green.

  • Your Green Life: "Sea Life Aquarium at MOA"

    Bloomington, MN (NNCNOW.com) -- Besides using LED lights and recycling their water, Sea Life, the aquarium at the Mall of America, also sustainably repopulates the species in their exhibits.

  • Your Green Life: "Seeds of Success"

    Duluth's Lincoln Park neighborhood is recognized as a food desert by the FDA with no grocery stores within a mile of the neighborhood. In the winter months, it is even harder to access fresh produce when the local farmers market closes in the fall. In this week's Your Green Life Meteorologist Adam Lorch talks with one organization looking to green up Lincoln Park in the dead of winter.

  • Your Green Life: "Tree-cyling"

    Your once beautiful holiday tree may be starting to look more like a shriveled up Charley Brown tree by now. There is a place that would like holiday trees so they can be repurposed into something else. In this week's Your Green Life Meteorologist Adam Lorch shows us what we can do with our evergreens to make them even greener.

  • Your Green Life: "Sustainability 2015"

    People, businesses and communities are continuing to find innovative ways to be more sustainable.In this week's Your Green Life Meteorologist Adam Lorch takes a look back at the green community of 2015.

  • Your Green Life: "Sustainable steps across the globe"

    The Northland has a new connection half–way across the globe. The Natural Resource and Research Institute is teaming up with a research center in Germany in search for sustainable energy. In this week's Your Green Life Meteorologist Adam Lorch talks with NRRI to see what this partnership can do for the Northland and beyond.

  • Your Green Life: "Mission to help pollinators"

    With the bee population in a rapid decline, some people are finding ways to help ease the food and habitat deserts that the bees face. In this week's Your Green Life Meteorologist Adam Lorch talks to one man on a mission to save the bees, one plot of land at a time.

  • Your Green Life: "Sustainable dining on Madeline Island"

    One restaurant in the Northland is turning to local cuisine, not only because it's more sustainable, but also because it's a necessity. In this week's Your Green Life Meteorologist Adam Lorch brings us to Madeline Island to see what these sustainable chefs are cooking up.