Springtime Gardening Tips

By KBJR Manager

August 4, 2010 Updated Aug 4, 2010 at 3:16 PM CDT

Despite our recent blizzard, the snow is retreating around the region.

That means it's time to garden which can be a challenge here up north.

Dave Anderson tells us where we can go to get tips to make our gardens grow.

The thaw is on here in the Northland and that's turning the hearts of many people to thoughts of gardening.

Our limited growing season makes that a tough hobby for a lot of gardeners.

"Our growing season is short but it is intense. We have long days in the summer and we have intense sunlight so it allows things to grow really quickly."

New gardeners, who've tangled with our cool climate, can get growing tips at the Greenhouse in Carlton.

They're offering gardening lessons through Carlton Community Education.

"We go through a half hour seminar explaining how to build a planter and what you should put into it. We teach on different color types and things like that."

Seminar students can learn from the best like Professional green thumbs like Elise Rieschl.

"You can kill more plants by over watering than under watering. So, generally I think that's one huge mistake that gardeners will make. They'll over water a plant and cause it to rot and die."

A few of these classes have already taken place and Randy Fahrenholz of the Greenhouse says they've been quite a hit.

"It's a nice feature for people to get out and get their hands dirty, especially when there's still snow on the ground."

Hopefully, the snow will go away quickly and allow everybody's gardens to bloom.

In Carlton, Dave Anderson, the Northland's News Center.

The next two classes at the Greenhouse in Carlton will be held tomorrow and Saturday.

The Greenhouse is located on Sixth Street near the High School.