Your Green Life: "Vehicles with Voltage"

By KBJR News 1

August 4, 2010 Updated Aug 4, 2010 at 3:16 PM CDT

The United States burns an average 9 million barrels of gasoline each day.

That's about seven and a half billion pounds of carbon emissions release into the atmosphere... each day.

Over one third of that is burned by motor vehicles.

But there is a new car on the production line helping to make zero–emission transportation affordable to everyone as meteorologist Shannon Murphy explains in "Your Green Life."

People have been finding creative ways to incorporate electricity into transportation.

Some of the two–wheelers include the electric bike or the self–balancing scooter known as the SEGway.

But, if you feel more comfortable in a vehicle, the 2009 Current may be a good choice for you.

Matt Comstock, the alternative vehicle coordinator at this spring's Green Expo in St. Paul was the expert to talk to. "It's all run on electricity, so you can plug this in, run it off your outlet at home or at work, charge it up drive home, drive to the store, whatever the range may be 60 miles," said Comstock

A unique feature about this hybrid is that it's highway capable.

That means the speed can reach 70 miles per hour, and an upgraded battery can extend the driving range to 3 or 4 hundred miles.

Driving alternative vehicles will keep you far from the pump, and as you will see on your utility bill, the Current is very energy efficient.

"It's about 2 cents per mile to run this, so its really really inexpensive," said Comstock. "To have that range, you need to have a lighter vehicle, better batteries, and for a full production car like that, that's what's unique and new."

The Current is considered affordable, costing just under 30 grand, but if you want the sporty version, that vehicle does 0–60 in 3.9 seconds, it will run you over a hundred grand.

For the Northland's NewsCenter, I'm meteorologist Shannon Murphy.

The Minnesota Electric Vehicle store in St. Louis Park is the only place to buy the 2009 Current right now, and there is 75 hundred stimulus credit for those buying these alternative vehicles...bringing the price down to the low twenties.