New Wisconsin Shoreline Restrictions

By KBJR News 1

August 4, 2010 Updated Aug 4, 2010 at 3:16 PM CDT

Tiffany Tarrolly talked with some of those who could be affected on the shores of Lake Nebagamon.

"I'm really happy to see the state take a stand here," said Sally Stein who lives on Lake Nebagamon.

The Department of Natural Resources has been working on updating shoreline regulations for more than four years.

Many Lawmakers and shoreline property owners like the president of the Nebagamon Lake Association believe the updated restrictions would provide much needed protection and preservation for lake and shoreline habitat.

"I think the changes are good," said Ann Parker, President of the Nebagamon Lake Association.

Sally and Bernard Stein have lived on Lake Nebagamon their entire lives.

They agree anything that will help protect their beloved lake is important.

"I also think this is an economic issue because the value of this entire town and especially the value of the lakefront property is dependent on having a pristine and beautiful lake," said Sally.

Large areas of water proof surfaces like this, promote erosion and run- off, these new laws would prevent that.

"Science has shown if you have more than 10 percent impervious surfaces like these roofs and sidewalks, it adversely impacts the lake," said Parker.

The new laws would limit lake front property owners to having 15 percent impervious surfaces.

It would also prohibit new properties, within 75 feet of the water, from exceeding 35 feet in height.

"The image of a shoreline should if possible be maintained you don't want to be looking at an urban setting when you have a beautiful lake with trees and shrubbery," said Bernard Stein.

If improvements to lake frontage are made, residents must preserve habitat by doing things like planting native species in place of grass, which does not absorb pollution as well.

The proposed new rules now go to the Wisconsin Legislature's natural resources committees.

If they have no objections, in 60 days, the rules take effect.