Your Green Life: "Car Recycling"

By KBJR News 1

August 4, 2010 Updated Aug 4, 2010 at 3:16 PM CDT

When a Car has outlived its usefulness, it can be banished to the driveway to become an eyesore....or, be given a new life through recycling.

In this weeks, "Your Green Life" Meteorologist Jeff Edmondson will take a look at how recycling cars provides environmental and economic benefits across the Northland.

Car crushing; it's definitely cool to watch.
But it's also a beneficial way to provide recycled materials for all kinds of everyday items.

"The unusable tires go to a company that shreds them and then they get reprocessed into floor mats and playground material," said Troy Worth.

But the tires are just the beginning...the entire vehicle can be re–purposed...after the proper steps are taken to protect the environment.

"All of the fluids get drained, the battery taken out, mercury switches removed; the gas tank pulled and drained, the Freon is removed", said Troy.

WE Recycle Auto Parts works with several certified local businesses that can gather these chemicals and recycle them...and care is taken to make sure harmful gasses don't escape into the atmosphere.

"Its an actual machine that does it, you hook it up to the Freon lines and there are valves on there that you hook it up to and extract it into a tank and we recycle that" said Troy.

After all of the harmful chemicals are removed, the fun begins....the next stop is the crusher.

"The crusher makes it easier to haul more at a time and it makes it easier to for the next user to shred the car", said Troy.

The final destination for flattened cars is to get shredded.
Then the metal can be reused in countless other applications.
If you are looking for a place to recycle your car make sure they are a certified recycler approved by the state.
In Superior, for Your Green Life, I'm Meteorologist Jeff Edmondson, The Northlands Newscenter.