"Clean Clothes & Clean Environment"

By KBJR News 1

June 16, 2011 Updated Jun 16, 2011 at 8:31 AM CDT

Laundry may be on your list as one of the worst chores but if you want clean clothes it's a must–do. But clean clothes doesn't have to mean a dirty environment.

In this week's "Your Green Life" Meteorologist Jeff Edmondson has a few tips to green up your weekly chore.

Cold water only, delicates, no bleach and tumble dry low are some of the terms on the labels of our favorite garments. If you want to shrink your impact on the environment start with the basics.

"Use less laundry soap, I think folks overdue it. They think their clothes are really dirty and they pour more soap in when actually you are defeating the purpose. So what we are recommending our clients to do here is to use half of what they recommend on the container," said Marcia Doty with Kenwood Laundromat.

Using too much soap can actually make your clothes less clean, what happens is that the soap residue stays on the fibers which can then, attract more dirt.
If you do take your clothes to the local Laundromat, consider which type of washer they have.

"The top loaders here are efficient; they are state of the art. But, we have found using a front loader you can save about 42 percent of your gas, electricity, and your water cost just by using a front loader. Another way you can save and go green; and that is by using cold water instead of using warm or hot. Folks think that hot water is the only way to go to get clothes clean which is really not the case."

Using cold water has other benefits as well. You can mix previously washed lights and darks together since the dye has been removed by previous cycles. Also, cold water can sanitize your clothing with a good rinse cycle.

Hanging your clothing outside to dry is also a good way to save on your energy bill and make your clothing smell fresh.