Your Green Life: "Green Brewing"

By KBJR News 1

May 16, 2013 Updated May 16, 2013 at 8:25 AM CDT

Canal Park, Duluth MN
In this weeks "Your Green Life" Meteorologist Adam Lorch gets the thirst for sustainability and heads to Canal Park Brewery for a look at what they are doing to be green.

Water, barley, and hops, the three main ingredients for a good beer.
At Canal Park Brewery in Canal Park, a green way of brewing beer is emerging. And they are starting with the bitter end of the ingredients list, the hops.

"We're working with a local grower in Brule River, the place is called Hill Top Hops, a little over an acre at present with plans to expand hopefully about 3 acres."

They will be featuring some locally made hopped beers this summer.
Water is the main ingredient in beer, and to reduce energy costs of heating and pumping all the water, special attention was taken when building the facility.

"Our energy usage was a big thing on our radar when we designed the whole brewhouse, and part of what we did with this design was to put all of our pumps and motors on VFD's. So instead of turning the pump on or off I can set it at a percentage, so it lowers energy usage."

This creates a more efficient system. But the entire building itself had sustainability in mind. In fact the property use to be a Brown Field, contaminated by the old industrial yard that it once was.

"The process of actually doing it started with the deconstruction of the building that was there, and then the deconstruction of the soil that was underneath it. We removed 12–14 feet of soil, in depth."

But the brewers thirst for more sustainable practices and features kept getting stronger. So even the little details were considered.

"We use LED lighting, it's a greater cost up front, but over the long term you save energy not only for the building here that we house our guests, but also energy that goes out in the greater area."

In conjunction with Hill Top Hops, the Brewery will also be adding several gardens around the building, locally made patio furniture, and they will be growing hop vines on the building as well.

Meteorologist Adam Lorch