Your Green Life: "Green Furniture"

By KBJR News 1

June 14, 2012 Updated Jun 14, 2012 at 8:45 AM CDT

Duluth, MN
Epicurean is a well known successful business in Duluth that makes cutting boards out of recycled material.
But what some people don't know is Epicurean has a sister company called LOLL.
They make patio furniture and share a similar business goal.

Owner of LOLL, Greg Benson tells me their business goal, "To make well designed, high quality, made in the USA product out of recycling plastic. We sell our product all over the country and internationally as well."

Immediately when you walk into LOLL's office you know that creative and innovate ideas are being born every day.
But when starting this business Greg Benson knew it was about more than just creating a green product.

"I think a demand for made in the USA products, in particular and regardless of whether recycled or green and I definitely think we had some traction with that." Says Benson

LOLL's outdoor furniture is strong enough to brave the elements, while retaining their unique designs and comfort.
But what exactly makes this a green product?

Benson explains, "The material we use is high density polyethylene, number two plastic and it's primarily from milk jugs."

Milk jugs are used because there is no coloring in the plastic, which makes it easy to reuse.
What makes these green chairs so special is there are no "fillers", like wood chips and other plastics, in the making of the chairs.

"There's about eight milk jugs per pound, and one of our Adirondack chairs weighs 50 pounds, so 400 milk jugs. We estimate that we've reclaimed about 18 million milk jugs since we started doing this." Benson said.

In 2010, about 13 million tons of plastic waste was produced.
Of that only 8 percent was recovered and recycled.

Meteorologist Adam Lorch