Your Green Life: "Handmade Soaps"

By KBJR News 1

April 5, 2012 Updated Apr 5, 2012 at 10:30 AM CDT

Diana Miller has been hand making soaps for about three years now, but it's what she uses to make it that is special.

"I don't use any chemicals and it's all natural. It's just got the natural ingredients that are derived from plants and flowers." says Miller

Store bought soaps have a number of chemicals in them for fragrance, color, and to moisturize your skin.
But according to Miller they are missing a key, ingredient that naturally moisturizes your skin.

Miller says, "Anything that's hand made soap, the glycerin stays in the soap, so when you use the soap, your skin doesn't automatically dry out, so you feel the difference right there."

Miller makes a variety of soaps with all natural ingredients ranging from coconut oil, to bees wax, and even birch bark.
But her sustainable talent doesn't stop with soap, she has a number of green products, such as a hemp soap sack.

"You can actually put your soap in it and abstain from tossing those little bits of soap away and you can actually keep reusing it till the very end. And it acts as an exfoliate for your skin." Miller said.

She also sells hand dipped bees wax candles, all natural fragrances and lip balms, and lotions.
This is more than just a business for Miller, she also firmly believes in her sustainable practices.

"A little step goes a long way, in creating a difference. It won't show there and then, but actually its always a gradual process, and we all can make a little difference." Miller said.

Going green while staying clean. In Superior, Adam Lorch, The Northlands News Center.

Miller buys the bee's wax locally, to support local businesses.
If you would like to support her local business you can Click on the link below to brows some of her products.

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